Allie Costa
Allie Costa

Allie Costa is a Los Angeles-based actor, writer, director, and singer working in film, TV, theatre, and voiceover. She always has energy to burn and a song to sing. When not performing the works of others, she's writing her own. Occasionally, she sleeps.

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• Allie recently appeared in four films currently in post-production. Stay tuned!

• Allie has a recurring role on The Kit Bull Story. The third season is currently airing.

• Allie has been cast in a workshop of A Tiny Little Sky, a new musical about Vincent van Gogh.

• Stream Allie's episode of Behind the Screens whenever you listen to podcasts, including Anchor and Spotify.

Walking After Midnight will be presented at Golden Goose Theatre in London on December 8th. In this realistic, fantasy-free retelling of Cinderella, a young woman searches for her way home - and her ever after. Written by Allie Costa, directed by Rae Morris, featuring Alice Moore and Barry O'Reilly, produced by Four Fig Theatre. Get tickets!


• Allie contributed additional voices to The Phantom, a new film based on The Phantom of the Opera.

• Allie played the lead role in developmental readings of two new musicals.

• Allie was hired to record a song inspired by Stranger Things.

Drop in the Ocean was produced at Colorado College as part of 23:59, a collection of plays about the climate crisis. On a drying-up shoreline, a down-to-earth botanist encounters a vibrant climatologist and realizes there may still be hope for the world. Written by Allie Costa, directed by Mónica Sánchez, featuring Ky-Leigh Boyland-Fentress and Ben Ruddock.

Desperate Measures, In the Heist, and The Intervention Will Be Televised were part of the Atlantic Acting School NYU Fall One-Act Festival. All three comedies were written by Allie Costa.

Art Imitates Life was shared at a university in Massachusetts. An artist gets inspiration from an unlikely source in this new heartfelt dramedy by Allie Costa.

• Allie's critically acclaimed piece Two Girls had a reading at the Pump House in Wisconsin as part of We Will Not Stay Silent.

Piecing Together the Portraits of You was screened at the Utopia Film Festival in Maryland and the Prestige Film Festival in California. Allie plays Detective Stevens in the film.

Alternate Reality was nominated for multiple awards at the 2022 World Impact Film Festival, including Best Short Film and the Global Impact Grand Prize.


• Allie's second episode of Filament was released. It includes her performance of her original piece Creepypasta.

The Kit Bull Story was screened at the Astoria Film Festival. Allie voices multiple characters in this family-friendly series.

Piecing Together the Portraits of You was screened at the Mystic Film Festival. Allie plays Detective Stevens in the film.

Sheepish was selected for PlayGround-LA and had a staged reading at The Broadwater in Hollywood. When a terrible liar crosses paths with an observant detective, it leads to a surprising confession. Written by Allie Costa, directed by Gabi Mayorga, featuring Angel Dumapias, Ben Cain, Stephanie T. Keefer, and Anthony Rutowicz.

• Allie sang in Extravaganza, a concert featuring songs from The Secret Garden, Sunday in the Park with George, Oliver, Candide, and Urinetown.

Boxes Are Magic, Allie's acclaimed comedy about a woman and a cat, got 2nd place in the Tiger's Heart Short Play Competition.


• Allie booked and recorded an animated film. Mum's the word until it is released!

• Allie was part of The Next Stage livestream talkback featuring artists from the most recent episodes of Filament.

Blue Christmas had its world premiere at Stella Adler in Hollywood. In this moving and hopeful drama, a college student creates a hotline to help others - and herself. Written by Allie Costa, directed by César Di Bello, featuring Zein Khleif and Justin Heller, produced by A Light in Dark Places.

Quality Assurance is now an immersive audio experience. In this fast and funny story, a telemarketer doesn't seem to know what he's doing. Written and directed by Allie Costa, featuring Elise Dewsberry and Nicholas Hipple, with sound design and editing by Jesse Garra, produced by Soundscape Theater. Available on YouTube, Instagram, SoundCloud, and Facebook.


• Allie appeared on the latest episode of The Kit Bull Story. She's been recurring on the show since its premiere.

• Allie played Amelia on the latest episode of Filament and performed her original piece Amelia, Still.

A Moment of Silence was part of the Confessions Festival. In this powerful story inspired by the life of Leelah Alcorn, a teenager shares her truth. Written and directed by Allie Costa, featuring Natalia Torrelio and Julie Cordell-Seamons.

Piecing Together the Portraits of You was selected for Lift-Off Sessions. It was also a semi-finalist for Florida Shorts.

• Allie was named a Resident Playwright for PlayGround's 2022-2023 season.

JULY 2022

• Allie booked and filmed the lead role in The Synesthesia Project, a creepy thriller similar to Black Mirror and The Twilight Zone.

Alternate Reality was selected for the Long Story Shorts International Film Festival.

JUNE 2022

• Catch Allie in A Musical, the latest release from Tilted Keyboard Studios, inspired by the musical Something Rotten.

• Four of Allie's scripts were selected for The 28 1/2 Hour Comedy Festival, produced by CenterStage in Texas.

Boxes Are Magic had a reading at Red Earth Theatre in Arizona. This comedy about a woman, a cat, and the forces of nature was written by Allie Costa, directed by Kate Hawkes, and performed by Cathy Ransom and Kate Hawkes.

MAY 2022

• Allie played the lead in a workshop of the musical Pickpocket. In turn-of-the-century Manhattan, a pickpocket finds an opportunity to reform herself through her love of performing vaudeville.

• Allie played a lead role in a workshop of A Tiny Little Sky, a new musical about Vincent van Gogh.

There Will Be Polar Bears was part of the Climate Justice Festival at Golden Goose Theatre in London. In the face of climate change, two scientists imagine the impossible. Written by Allie Costa, directed by Scarlett Malone, featuring Matilda Bedford, Henry North, and Matilda Childs, produced by Four Fig Theatre.

Boxes Are Magic was part of the Climate Justice Festival at Golden Goose Theatre in London. In this comedy about resilience, resistance, and the forces of nature, a woman tries to change the mind of the most stubborn member of her household -- her cat. Written by Allie Costa, directed by Charlie Collinson, featuring Eleanor Harper and Anne McDonagh, produced by Four Fig Theatre.

Heartfelt was part of Love Fest. This sweet romantic script was written by Allie Costa, directed by Alicia K. Garcia, featuring Franky Saavedra and David Hepburn, produced by Femuscripts in Florida.

Boxes Are Magic was part of Ouachita Baptist University's One Act Play Festival. In this timely comedy, a woman must simultaneously contend with an unstoppable force (the outside world) and an immovable object (her cat). Written by Allie Costa, directed by Rachel Medina.

APRIL 2022

• Allie was cast as the lead in a workshop of a new musical. More details to come.

• Allie sang in a collaborative musical video coming out later this summer.

20 Questions was shared at a university in Arkansas. A couple's game of questions leads to surprising answers in this romantic comedy written by Allie Costa.

MARCH 2022

• Allie sang Take Me to the World from the musical Evening Primrose at the Renaissance cabaret produced by Theatre Unmasked.

• Allie plays multiple characters, including the (mostly) by-the-book Ms. Macy, in the podcast Rodriguez and Son.

• Via the wonders of technology, Allie performed her critically acclaimed piece Power Pose at the Vault Festival at the Pleasance Theatre in London. This high-energy comedy about an unexpected job interview was written, directed, and performed by Allie Costa.

The Intervention Will Be Televised was part of the Atlantic Acting School Conservatory One-Act Festival. In this fun comedy, a woman's propensity for binge-watching TV shows leads her friends and family to hold an intervention.

• Allie contributed additional material to a film that begins shooting next month.


• Allie played Detective Stevens in Piecing Together the Portraits of You. The film is now in post-production.

Failure to Communicate was part of the Atlantic Acting School NYU Spring One Act Festival. This comedy by Allie Costa was inspired by a true story of customer (dis)service.

With This Ring was selected for Housebound, a series produced by Mind the Gap Theatre. With This Ring was written by Allie Costa and performed by Brigid Pfeifer.


• Allie portrayed the title character in a reading of The Wrong Jen Harper.

• Allie sang in the Hadestown Wait for Me benefit for The Actors Fund produced by Tilted Keyboard Studios.

• Allie appeared on Broadway and Beyond, a new series about acting and working in the industry.

• Allie was interviewed in Shoutout LA. She discussed the challenges and rewards of pursuing a career in the entertainment industry, how to create (and believe in!) your own work, and how she stays motivated.

• Allie narrated a passage adapted from This is Not a Test by Courtney Summers. Take a listen.

• Allie is the voice of the ominous narrator in the video game Aether Twins. Listen to a sneak peek.

The Generosity of Strangers by Thomas Antonaccio, narrated by Allie Costa, is available on iTunes, Amazon, and Audible.


View Allie's resume and headshots. Film/TV credits include 90210, You Me & Her, Unusual Suspects, Goldfish Love, Pizza With Aeneas, and What She Said. Theatre credits include Spring Awakening, Hamlet, Gypsy, Wake, and Alien vs. Musical.

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