Allie Costa
Allie Costa

Allie Costa is a Los Angeles-based actress working in film, TV, theatre, and voiceover. She can usually be found on a set, in a theatre, or in a secondhand bookstore. She always has energy to burn and a song to sing. When not performing the works of others, she's writing her own. Occasionally, she sleeps.

Watch Allie's demo reel here or on IMDb.


• Don't Shoot the Messenger Pigeon, a dark comedy written by Allie Costa, is currently traveling through Florida via Gypsy Stage Rep. This is the premiere production of the piece, which had a reading at PlayGround-LA last year.

• On December 5th, Cut and Run will have a staged reading at Arts Tri-State in West Virginia. Written by Allie Costa, directed by Andrew Surber, the play features Nora Ankrom and Becky McClelland as a hairstylist and a customer who learn that, in this hair salon, it's live and let dye.

• Catch the world premiere of Walking After Midnight December 9th through December 19th at Queensbury Theatre in Houston, Texas. Written by Allie Costa, Walking After Midnight is an original, fantasy-free retelling of Cinderella in which a young woman searches for her way home - and her ever after. It is being produced by Cone Man Running Productions as part of Five Minute Mile. Get tickets!

A New Year will debut at Charles Stewart Howard Playhouse in Los Angeles this December as part of Hard Candy Christmas. Logline: Should old acquaintance be forgot? Home for the holidays, Asha runs into her old best friend and she's not too thrilled about it. Written by Allie Costa and directed by Marshelle Giggles-Mills, the play features Cassie Carpenter and Katie Lynn Mapel. Get tickets!

Femme Noir will be produced by the Old Library Theatre in New Jersey in January 2016. In the vein of classic noir such as Double Indemnity, the play follows a female private investigator hired by a notorious playboy to solve a murder in 1944. Written by Allie Costa, directed by Toni Braun.

How Soon is Now? will be produced by San Francisco Theatre Pub in January 2016. Written by Allie Costa, this is one of nine pieces selected for The Morrissey Plays, which will be directed by Stuart Bousel and staged at PianoFight.

The Intervention Will Be Televised will be produced by Whitefire Theatre in Los Angeles from January 12th through February 23rd, 2016.

Tofurkey Day has been selected for the Fantastic.Z Theatre 2016 New Works Festival and will be produced in Seattle in February.

35MM, a musical by Ryan Scott Oliver and Matthew Murphy, will have its first professional LA production February 26th through March 19th, 2016 at
The Complex in Hollywood. Produced by The Unknown Artists and directed by Lucas Alifano, Meghan Allison, Amy Bartlett, Jeff Scot Carey, Emily Clark, John Ross Clark, and Allie Costa, the cast includes Alex Allen, Jeff Scot Carey, Cody Clark, Emily Clark, Dana Shaw, Ken Veal, and Katherine Washington. Learn more about the production.

• Allie plays Beethoven's first student (and first love) in For Elise. Currently in production, the film involves both motion capture and voiceover work.


• Allie performed "There is No Tomorrow" from Alien vs. Musical at FutureFest at Rockwell Table & Stage. Learn more about the show.

• Allie played the role of Isa in Dinner, a new play by Felix Racelis, which had a reading at Drama West.

• Allie's play At Your Service had a reading at Kraine Theatre in New York, thanks to Lama Theatre Company. At Your Service tells the tale of two Secret Service agents, one seasoned, one shiny and new, both sworn to protect the President.

Glitter and Smoke, written by Allie Costa, was performed by Natalie Wearden at the Room Festival, held at artsdepot in London.

• Allie's play Façade was selected for Variations: The Next Big Thing and performed at Price Center Theater in San Diego by Nomads Theatre Company.

• The magazine Trash was officially launched. Allie's piece Amelia, Still was published in the premiere issue of the magazine.


• Altared State had a reading at Rèst Âü Ránt in Long Island City as part of Joyseekers Theatre's inaugural event. Written by Allie Costa and directed by Trent Fucci, this lighthearted comedy featured Annie Rubino as Lexi and Calo Mesa as Denver.

• One of Allie's original monologues was selected for Scratch That Hackney and performed by Maeve Malley Ryan at Hackney Attic in London.

• Allie's spooky play Safe Distance had a reading at East End Literary Salon held at Hackney Attic in London.

• Allie's pieces Amelia, Still and Back There were performed by Julia Cho at Samuel French in Hollywood as part of Monologue-a-Looza.


Music of the Mind had its world premiere production in Los Angeles at the Festival of Unknown Artists. Music of the Mind was written and directed by Allie, who also played the role of Alice, a girl struggling with mental illness. Rounding out the cast were Vincent Perez and Hannah Doty.

Little Swan, a Pas de Deux and The View From Here had staged readings at Samuel French in Hollywood. Both plays were written and directed by Allie Costa. Inspired by the life of prima ballerina Anna Pavlova, Little Swan was published in Best of PlayGround Los Angeles 2014 and is available for licensing through PlayGround. The View From Here has roots in Andrew Wyeth's painting Christina's World and its subject, Anna Christina Olson. The readings were part of the first-ever 365 Women in LA event, presented by 365 Women a Year and the Los Angeles Female Playwrights Initiative. Little Swan featured Patricia Fructuoso as Anna Pavlova, Kathy Bell Denton as Madame, and Allie Costa as Marguerite. The View From Here featured Kathy Bell Denton as Anna Christina Olson and Joseph Patrick O'Malley as Andrew Wyeth.


• Allie received rave reviews for her role as Annie in the world premiere of Alien vs. Musical. This award-winning new musical written by Erik Przytulski and Steve Troop and directed by Matthew Tyler answers the question: What happens when the world of musical theatre meets the most terrifying and destructive alien in all cinema history? Read reviews.

• Allie played Frances in the staged reading of Frances and the Argonauts by Louisa Hill at Skylight Theatre.

• Allie recorded a number of songs as the lead character in the musical Manzanar.

• Allie's play How I Knew Her was named a GLO 2015 Finalist.

Femme Noir had its D.C. premiere at Silver Spring Stage. Set in 1944, the play follows a female P.I. on an unforgettable case. Femme Noir was written by Allie Costa, directed by Thomas McGrath, and featured Erica Smith, Brendan Murray, Stephanie Dorius, Leta Hall, and Elise Berg.

• Following Femme Noir's successful run at Silver Spring, Allie was honored with the award for Best Script at the 2015 One-Act Festival.

• Allie performed songs from Erik Przytulski's new adaptation of Thumbelina at Rockwell Table & Stage as part of MUSI-CAL.

Prodigal Daughter, Part-Time, and Altared State had staged readings at Cabrillo Playhouse. The cast included Amy Bartlett, Erin McIntosh, Betsy Reisz, and Andrew J. Perez. All three plays were written and directed by Allie Costa.

• Read Allie's interview about acting, writing, and more at 31 Plays in 31 Days.

The Intervention Will Be Televised had a staged reading at Drama West in Los Angeles. Written and directed by Allie Costa, this comedy featured LeVanna Atkinson-Williams, Christopher John Lim Bunyi, Sheila Daley, Shannon Martinous, Laura Michl, and Suzanne Wood.

Amelia, Still was published in the premiere issue of the new magazine Trash.

Little Swan, a Pas de Deux was performed at The Public House Theatre​ in Chicago for Echoes of..., a festival produced by 906 Theatre Company​. Little Swan was written by Allie Costa, directed by Nicholas Lamb, and featured Miriam Canfield as Anna Pavlova and Cora Swise as Madame.

JULY 2015

Alien vs. Musical, the hit of the Hollywood Fringe Festival, has been extended! Allie plays Annie in this hilarious genre-bending story-blending show. Read reviews!

• Allie's article Back to Basics: How to Be Yourself While Pretending to Be Someone Else was published on Actors Access.

Two Girls was performed at Clear Lines Festival in London. Written by Allie Costa, directed by Kasia Różycki, starring Lucy Litchfield and Gemma Leader.

Little Swan, a Pas de Deux had a reading at Hackney Attic in London. Written by Allie Costa and directed by Milla Jackson, the play featured Sarah Griffin and Kate Handford. It was presented by East End Literary Salon.

Glitter and Smoke was performed at Play On Words in San Jose. Read Allie's interview.

JUNE 2015

Allie is currently playing Annie in the world premiere production of Alien vs. Musical. Learn more!

• Allie performed in Got Musical, a concert of excerpts from new musicals, at The Colony Theatre.

• Allie performed at Disney Imagineering as part of the New Voices Project.

• Allie and the cast of Alien vs. Musical performed at Rockwell Table & Stage as part of MUSI-CAL.

• Allie and the cast of Alien vs. Musical performed at Pick of the Fringe.

A Taste of the Future was named a quarter-finalist for The Road Theatre Company's Summer Playwrights Festival.

In the Heist was selected for East End Literary Salon and had a reading at Hackey Attic in London.

• Allie's original pieces Coffee and Cocoa, Other People, and Anniversary were performed at the Manhattan Theatre Club as part of Flashfest 2015.

We Can Be Heroes and Dissolution were selected for Gi60 2015 and performed at the New Workshop Theatre in Brooklyn.

Anniversary and Sock It to Me were selected for Gi60 #NextGen and performed at Tantrum Theatre and the New Workshop Theatre in Brooklyn.

Glitter and Smoke was selected for Scratch That Hackney and performed at the Hackney Attic in London.

Anniversary was selected for National Flash-Fiction Day.

Out of Sync, Back There, and Amelia, Still were shared at The Write-In on National Flash-Fiction Day.

MAY 2015

• Allie was featured in the May 8th issue of Backstage. Read the interview!

Allie has been cast as Annie in the world premiere of Alien vs. Musical, opening this June in Hollywood. Learn more!

• Allie's play Femme Noir was staged in Los Angeles by Ammunition Theatre Company. Set in 1944, Femme Noir tells the story of a female P.I. hired by a notorious nightclub owner. The cast included Karla Mosley (The Bold & The Beautiful), Ari Boyland (Blood Punch), Julie Bersani (Blue Collar Boys), Tina Huang (Rizzoli & Isles), and Yara Martinez (Jane the Virgin).

Glitter and Smoke was seen at Camden People's Theatre in London as part of You Are Already Dead, a collaborative art event.

Glitter and Smoke was selected for Makeshift Broadcast and performed in Glasgow by Clare Marcie.

APRIL 2015

• Allie played Sophie in New York Society for the Suppression of Vice, a powerful new musical written by Joel Bailey, Jake Anthony, and Patricia Zehentmayr and directed by Matthew Tyler. The show addresses the impact of hate crimes in high schools and on communities.

Faking Glory had its world premiere production in Louisiana as one of six plays selected for Outworks. Written by Allie Costa and directed by Carter Dean, the play featured Hannah Dougharty as Marija and Dexter Ellis as Carlos.

• Allie sang the title role of Mary Marie at Rockwell Table & Stage in Los Angeles as part of Musi-Cal. Mary Marie is a coming-of-age story set in the 1920s. The musical was written by Chana Wise and Carl Johnson, adapted from the novel by Eleanor H. Porter, author of Pollyanna.

• Allie booked and shot a fun film in which she plays a tap dancer who accidentally goes to a hip hop audition.

• Allie's plays Little Swan, Nebulous Fix, and Listening in the Library were presented at Wheaton Drama in Chicago, directed by Toria Hollyn.

• Allie's original monologue Glitter and Smoke was performed at Shetler Studios in New York as part of I Don't Belong Here. Produced by Adaptive Arts Theater Company, a non-profit group working to fuse the gap between disability and the arts, this production is part of their ongoing efforts to bring awareness to stories and voices missing from the stage.

Glitter and Smoke was selected for National Flash-Fiction Day's FlashFlood.

MARCH 2015

• Keep your eyes peeled: Allie is in an anti-smoking commercial that's currently airing as part of the popular #LeftSwipeDat campaign.

You Me & Her was screened at POWFest in Portland. In this funny film, Anna (Shannon Woodward of Raising Hope) runs into alternate versions of herself. Allie plays the teen version of Anna; Tina Majorino (Veronica Mars) plays Anna's roommate. The movie was written and directed by Sarah Doyle. Watch the trailer.

In the Heist was selected for PlayGround-LA and had a staged reading at the Zephyr Theatre in Hollywood. Written by Allie Costa and directed by Jim Kleinmann, this madcap comedy featured Paris McCarthy, Sydney Miller, Roland Ruiz, and Wayne Stribling Jr as would-be thieves.


• Allie played Paige in A Knight at the Museum at the ASCAP/DreamWorks musical workshop in Los Angeles.

• Allie booked an anti-smoking commercial for the #LeftSwipeDat campaign. The spot began airing at the end of February.

• Allie's comedy The Intervention Will Be Televised had a reading at Play Club West in Hollywood.

• Allie's play Two Girls was selected for the Unheard Festival, produced by Goblin Baby Theatre Co. at The Bread & Roses Theatre in London. This haunting duologue was performed by Louise Nicolson and Grace Edwards, directed by Milla Jackson.

A Taste of the Future, Allie's time travel play, was selected for East End Literary Salon and had a reading at The Ophelia in London.

• Allie's play Can You Keep a Secret? was staged by Mind Your Head at The Bread & Roses Theatre in London. The cast included Paige Wilson, Sophie McBean, and James Ruskin, directed by Sam Carrack. If you like The Twilight Zone and Black Mirror, you'll love Can You Keep a Secret?


• Allie played Melrose, the popular girl you want to know yet love to hate, in Invisible, a musical comedy by David Orris and David Hollingsworth. The show had a workshop and staged reading in Los Angeles. Allie also recorded songs for the soundtrack.

• In Allie's forward-thinking play A Taste of the Future, the time is now - and then... The play was selected for PlayGround-LA and had a staged reading at Zephyr Theatre in Hollywood, featuring Betsy Reisz and Andrew J. Perez, directed by Peter J. Kuo.

• Allie participated in a reading of the new musical Midsummer Night's Scream.

Tofurkey Day was named a finalist for Shorties.

The Generosity of Strangers by Thomas Antonaccio, narrated by Allie Costa, is now available on iTunes, Amazon, and Audible.

• Allie gives voice to Hollywood's first "It" Girl in Starring Clara Bow. Listen to songs from the musical, which is currently in development.


Click here for Allie's resume. Check out Allie's credits on IMDb. Film/TV credits include 90210, Unusual Suspects, Goldfish Love, Pizza With Aeneas, and Solace. Theatre credits include Spring Awakening, Hamlet, Gypsy, You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown, and Anything Goes.

Listen to Allie's musical theatre and animation voiceover demo. Allie can be heard on the original cast soundtracks of Starring Clara Bow, Invisible, Juliet of the Sky, Mr. Potcher's Holiday, Limberlost, You Made Me Love You, and more. Visit Allie's SoundCloud.

View production stills and behind-the-scenes photos.

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