Allie Costa
Allie Costa

Allie Costa is a Los Angeles-based actor, writer, director, and singer working in film, TV, theatre, and voiceover. She always has energy to burn and a song to sing. When not performing the works of others, she's writing her own. Occasionally, she sleeps.

Watch Allie's demo reels here or on IMDb.


• Allie plays multiple characters in Slayers: A Buffyverse Story, a new Audible original audio series. Listen now!

• Allie has a recurring role on The Kit Bull Story. The third season is currently airing.

Blue Christmas is currently running in Dallas as part of A Light in Dark Places. In this moving and hopeful drama, a college student creates a hotline to help others - and herself. Written by Allie Costa, directed by Chris Millar, featuring Yaletzy Alaniz and Ryan Negrón. Running now through April 13th. Get tickets!

Live a Little is currently running at L.A. Unmasked. In this heartfelt examination of the way we judge others and ourselves, a hospital administrator trying to hide her chronic illness has an unexpected conversation with a bubbly young nurse that leaves a lasting impression on them both. Written by Allie Costa, directed by Jeff Torres, featuring Pauline Yasuda and Joanna Marie Hobbie. Running through now through April 14th. Get tickets!

Before We Burn was selected for the Earth Day Expo and will have staged readings April 18th and 19th at the Graduate Center in Manhattan. In this time-bending tale, two women learn the fate of the land is in their hands. Written by Allie Costa, directed by Peter Burford, presented by Break a Leg Productions. Learn more!

Pit Stop was selected for Clayton State University's One-Minute Play Festival, running April 19th through April 27th at The Crescent Theatre in Atlanta. Get tickets!

Pit Stop was selected for the 20th Anniversary Special Edition of Gi60: The International One Minute Theatre Festival, running May 15th through May 19th at The Tank in New York City. Written by Allie Costa, featuring Ally Callaghan and Jay Nickerson. Get tickets! Pit Stop is also available in the Gi60 anthology.

Wolves Change Rivers was selected for Roustabout Theatre's Celebration of New Writers and will have a staged reading May 27th at Scripps Ranch Theatre in San Diego. Three wild wolves try to survive in a changing land in this gripping script by Allie Costa. Get tickets!

MARCH 2024

• Allie has new credits on IMDb.

• Allie performed in a table read of a new animated pilot.

Power Pose, Allie's fast and funny monologue about an unexpected job interview, was selected for the forthcoming anthology Frozen Women, Flowing Thoughts, curated by Venus Theatre.


Unfinished Business was part of Nightshade: Love Can Be A Nightmare, a short play festival produced by Memoriam Development at Side Street Studio Arts in Illinois. An unexpected visit between two close friends reveals there's always more to be done, more to be said. Written by Allie Costa, directed by Amanda Davila, featuring Laura Noigebauer and Jamie Berry.

Faking Glory was part of Little Love Stories, produced by Livonia Community Theatre in Michigan. When Carlos, a high school senior, is nominated for Homecoming Queen as a prank, he's determined to go to the dance anyway. Meanwhile, his best friend Marija is going through an identity crisis of her own. Written by Allie Costa, directed by Maryanna Lauter, featuring Toby Gittleman and Mae Thomson-Miracle.

Two Girls was selected for V-Day 2024 and had a reading at The Bread & Roses Theatre. In this haunting and poetic duologue, two women emerge from a violent attack. Written by Allie Costa, featuring Radhika Aggarwal and Annie McKenzie.


• Allie played lively and lovable Cass in a staged reading of The Whirlwind, a new musical by Michael Gordon Shapiro.

Remembrance was selected for The Shakespeare Multiverse at PlayGround-LA and had a staged reading at The Broadwater in Hollywood. After the death of his father, a grief-stricken Hamlet is plagued by psychotic delusions making him think several others have died and that he is at fault. He finds comfort in an unexpected source: the dearly not departed Ophelia. Written by Allie Costa, directed by Frieda de Lackner, featuring Kevin Phan and Mae Ruling.

Remembrance was honored with PlayGround's People's Choice Award, selected by the audience.

WINTER 2023-2024

• Allie booked and filmed Crashcam, an analog horror film. In addition to narrating the film, she is also heard in other unexpected ways. Stay tuned!

• Allie booked and filmed Jake Tyler, a movie in which a pop star struggles to protect their private life from the public eye. In addition to her onscreen role, she also provides voices for several other characters.

The Phantom had its first screening. Allie contributed multiple voices to the film, which is based on The Phantom of the Opera.

• Allie's critically acclaimed piece Phantom Pains was part of Silent Night, a special one-night-only event in Wales. Her performance was recorded in Los Angeles and presented as an immersive audio. The event was produced by Ghost Light Theatre at Venue No. 1.

• Stream Allie's episode of How Do You Juggle? whenever you listen to podcasts, including Apple and Spotify.

• Stream Allie's episode of Behind the Screens whenever you listen to podcasts, including Anchor and Spotify.

• Allie was interviewed in Canvas Rebel. She talks about following your heart, pursuing a career in the arts, and creating work that resonates with others. Read the interview!

• Allie was interviewed in Bold Journey. With heart, hope, and a voice that carries, Allie is making her mark on the entertainment industry and encourages others to do the same. Read the interview!

• Allie was interviewed in Shoutout LA. She discussed the challenges and rewards of pursuing a career in the entertainment industry, how to create (and believe in!) your own work, and how she stays motivated.

• Allie narrated a passage adapted from This is Not a Test by Courtney Summers. Take a listen.

• Allie is the voice of the ominous narrator in the video game Aether Twins. Listen to a sneak peek.

The Generosity of Strangers by Thomas Antonaccio, narrated by Allie Costa, is available on iTunes, Amazon, and Audible.


View Allie's resume and headshots. Film/TV credits include 90210, You Me & Her, Unusual Suspects, Goldfish Love, Pizza With Aeneas, and What She Said. Theatre credits include Spring Awakening, Hamlet, Gypsy, Wake, and Alien vs. Musical.

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