Allie Costa
Allie Costa

Allie Costa is a Los Angeles-based actor, writer, director, and singer working in film, TV, theatre, and voiceover. She always has energy to burn and a song to sing. When not performing the works of others, she's writing her own. Occasionally, she sleeps.

Watch Allie's demo reel here or on IMDb.


• Allie booked and recorded narrative voiceover for a PSA about domestic violence.

• Allie booked and recorded narrative voiceover for a PSA about mental health.

• Allie booked a recurring role on a new comedy series. Stay tuned!

• Allie booked a new musical premiering in Los Angeles. More details to come.

JULY 2020

Dear Neighbor was presented by Theatre Three's Off-Stage/On-Line project. Written by Allie Costa, this lively comedy about apartment living was directed by Jeffrey Sanzel and featured Briana Ude and Jim Sluder.

JUNE 2020

• Allie was featured in the SAG-AFTRA Foundation Better Days video. You may also watch Allie's individual video here.

Future Shock was included in the Quarantine Collective.

• Allie performed her original piece Lovebirds on Radio Reverb. It was broadcast globally and released on their podcast.

Looking Foreclosure was a finalist in the Lakeshore Players Theatre 10-Minute Play Festival. A first-time homeowner tries to close a deal in this heartwarming comedy written by Allie Costa.

• Allie participated in a reading of The Girl Who Collects Clouds.

MAY 2020

Future Shock was included in the Open Space Arts Virtual Variety Show.

• Allie adapted and performed Flagpole Sitta by Harvey Danger for the Song to Monologue Challenge.

• Allie wrote and performed The Truth is Out There for the #showusyourselftape monologue challenge.

• The Coronavirus Cabaret is going to be included in a Library of Congress collection archiving what performing arts looked like during the pandemic. Allie performed Journey to the Past from the musical Anastasia for the cabaret.

• Allie sang Love Will Come and Find Me Again from the musical Bandstand in the Stealing Focus Digital Cabaret.

• Allie sang Royalty from the new musical Gideon and the Blundersnorp at the Virtual Fringe Cabaret.

• Allie composed and performed an original tune based on Ariel's Bee Song from The Tempest for the Shakespeare Quarantine Video Challenge.

• Allie played Lexi in a reading of the new play Cake.

• Allie contributed voiceover soundscapes to Walks of Life, an immersive audio experience created by Blindspot Collective. The project was commissioned by La Jolla Playhouse and is available on their website and podcast.

Yes, And... had its premiere performance at the Here We Go 24 Hour Zoom Fest. Written by Allie Costa, directed by Xander Black, this comedy featured Victoria Tamez and Juana Zavali as two mismatched scene partners in an online improv class.

After the Fact was read at Play Club West's SWAN Day. Logline: A young woman fights to get her great-grandmother's work recognized. Written by Allie Costa, directed by Hayden Wilde, featuring Emily Donn and Kalina Kitten McCreery. After the Fact was inspired by the legacy of Stephanie Czech Rader, who was granted the Legion of Merit posthumously, nearly 70 years after her service.

• Allie's script A Moment of Silence was selected for Theatre Unmasked and read by Natalia Dozier-Torrelio and Rachael Klein. In this powerful story inspired by the life of Leelah Alcorn, a teenager shares her truth.

• Allie's piece With This Ring was performed during Power of One at the Stay-at-Home! Fringe Festival.

• Allie's play You Otter Know was selected for Stay at Home Plays, a resource for kids and families.

APRIL 2020

• If you had the opportunity to go back in time and give yourself the heads up about the pandemic, what would happen? Watch Future Shock, written, directed, and performed by Allie Costa. Click here to watch Future Shock!

• Allie had a lead role in Wendy's World of Wonder, a new musical which had its premiere performance live online.

• Allie performed Puck's closing speech from A Midsummer Night's Dream for the Shakespeare Quarantine Video Challenge.

• Allie performed her piece Glitter and Smoke on the podcast A Moment of Your Time.

• Allie was featured in Social Distancing: The Musical.

Future Shock was included in Scratching the Servers, a virtual night of new writing selected by The UnDisposables.

• Allie was featured in On Hope: a digital song cycle, specifically in the song Why So Blue.

Dear Neighbor was performed live in the QuaranStream Theatre Festival. This timely comedy written and directed by Allie Costa featured Carene Rose Mekertichyan Apartment 1A and Allie Costa as Apartment 2B.

• Allie performed an excerpt of Private Citizen for We the People's Slam Bake spoken word event.

Quality Assurance, a comedy written by Allie Costa, was selected for the PRT 5-Minute Play Fest in Orlando. In this fast and funny story, a telemarketer doesn't seem to know what he's doing.

• Three more of Allie's comedies, In the Heist, Breaking Cover, and Don't Shoot the Messenger Pigeon, were selected for Cozy Play Readings and performed on their livestream.

• Allie's new script A Novel Idea was selected for Virtual Couch Potato Theater, a live theatrical event hosted by Play Club West featuring readings of 6 scripts inspired by the quarantine. In A Novel Idea, four crafty coworkers attempt to create a book club.

• Allie's monologue Amelia, Still was selected for Coronalogues and performed by Mia Andrews.

• Three of Allie's comedies, Après-Ski, Failure to Communicate, and A Moment of Your Time, were selected for Cozy Play Readings and performed on their livestream.

• Allie's plays Boxes Are Magic and Labyrinthine were selected for Stay at Home Plays, a resource for kids and families.

MARCH 2020

• Allie performed Journey to the Past from the musical Anastasia for the Coronavirus Cabaret.

• Allie sang Angelica's verse for Hamilton's Non-Stop #HamAtHome. Check it out!

• Allie was included in Broadway Across America's What Theatre Means to Me video on World Theatre Day.

• Allie sang The Secret of Happiness from the musical Daddy Long Legs in Songs for Hope: (Stay) Home Edition.

• The world premiere of Almost and the East Coast premiere of Tofurkey Day were produced at The Space In Between festival in New York. Almost captures the heartbreak of two lifelong friends who were almost something more, while Tofurkey Day is a multi-generational family comedy. Both explore the choices we make for ourselves, and for others. Both written by Allie Costa.

• Allie participated in SWAN Day as both an actor and a writer. The lineup included a scene of her play Testimony.

• Three of Allie's comedies, Quality Assurance, Zero Sum Fun, and Dear Neighbor, were selected for Cozy Play Readings and performed on their livestream.

Allie's monologue Any Last Words was selected for Coronalogues and performed by Hector Bateman-Harden, recently seen in Four Weddings and a Funeral.

• Allie's monologue Power Pose was selected for Coronalogues and performed by Sophie Max.


• Allie booked and recorded a voiceover role in a comedic film. She plays a woman distraught by a recent breakup.

• Allie booked and recorded a creepy voiceover role in a film.

• Allie recorded a demo for a new musical. Stay tuned!

Obscura was selected for PlayGround-LA and had a staged reading at The Broadwater in Hollywood. The premise: One November morning, three siblings struggling with changes in their family realize it's always darkest just before the dawn. Written by Allie Costa, directed by Alexandra Meda, featuring Christine Liao, Carla Vega, and David Meyers.


Boxes Are Magic, written by Allie Costa, was voted Best Comedic Script from the first season of The Ten Show.


• Allie filmed The Support Group, a comedy pilot featuring (fictional) Instagram influencers trying to cope with their disastrous lives. Allie plays Aubrey, a strange, reclusive young woman who would rather record ASMR than interact with other people.

• An excerpt of Low Light (written by Allie Costa, directed by Donna Wheeler) was presented at the Lounge Theatre in Hollywood during an afternoon of readings organized by the LAFPI.


• Allie booked and filmed the lead role in the movie Wayne. She plays a grief-stricken lawyer who tries to assist someone in need.

• Allie booked and filmed the lead role in the psychological thriller Red Affinity. She plays a painter who finds the strength to stand up to her abuser.

• Allie booked and filmed Yes/No, an interactive film. She plays a spontaneous, fun-loving character who stumbles upon a house occupied by people undergoing smartphone addiction therapy. Like Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, viewers will be able to make choices that affect the narrative as the story progresses.

• Allie booked and filmed the comedy Ice Cream Truck. She plays a bubbly, outgoing millennial hipster.

• Allie played a heart transplant surgeon in the film Guardian Demon.

You Me & Her aired on TV again. Allie plays the younger version of the lead character in this award-winning comedic sci-fi film written and directed by Sarah Doyle. When thirty versions of one person are zapped through the wormhole at the US Department of Parallel Resettlement, an unhappy girl named Anna (Shannon Woodward, Westworld, Raising Hope) finds out she is the worst possible version of herself, inspiring her to change her ways at the expense of destroying the universe.

Two Girls had two staged readings in Dallas, first at Burning Woman, held at The Wild Detectives, then at Bath House Cultural Center. Two Girls deals with the aftermath of sexual assault. Written by Allie Costa, directed by Kateri Cale, featuring Angela Davis, Jeliannys Acevedo Cuadrado, Whitney LaTrice Coulter, Alle Malia Mims, and Elly Lindsay, produced by Echo Theatre for Hear Me.

California Here We Come and Boxes Are Magic were both selected for The Thalia Festival, held in New York. These lively dramedies were written by Allie Costa and directed by Denise Ivanoff. California Here We Come featured Aiden Ankli as Catalina and Allie Scott as Mila. Boxes Are Magic featured Sarah Reed as Yasmine and Chrystle Ntow as Cali.

A Taste of the Future was selected for Paragon, the world's largest science fiction and fantasy play festival. Written by Allie Costa, directed by Daniel Lancaster, featuring Analisha Santini and Nick Castellanos, produced by Otherworld Theatre Company in Chicago.


• Allie booked and filmed the movie Z47. She plays a no-nonsense reporter who seems unafraid of the impending zombie apocalypse.

Human Resources was screened at the Salem Horror Fest. In the film, Allie plays an extremely self-assured nurse employed by a sadistic doctor at a horrifying hospital.

Boxes Are Magic was on The Ten Show, a new streaming series celebrating the entire process of producing a play, culminating in a performance in front of a live audience, which is also streamed online. Written by Allie Costa, Boxes Are Magic is a dramedy about family, cats, and climate change. Produced and directed by Hannah Nimer, with Micki Cottam as Yasmine and Amanda Anne Dayton as Cali. It placed first in online votes and second in studio audience votes. The Ten Show is produced by The Hive Collaborative.

Safe Distance was selected for the Fever Dream Festival and had a staged reading at Benchmark Theatre in Colorado. The story takes place late one night on the London Underground. Written by Allie Costa, directed by Lauren Bahlman, featuring Abid Hassan and Jenna Moll Reyes.

Safe Distance also had a staged reading in Los Angeles directed by Allie Costa, featuring Andrew Landecker and Allie Costa.

Don't Fear the Reaper was selected for PlayGround-LA and had a staged reading at The Broadwater in Hollywood. This spirited tale of two unlikely friends written by Allie Costa featured Tiana Randall-Quant and Carolyn Deskin directed by Frieda de Lackner.

• Allie played the feisty daughter in a staged reading of the comedy Backing Out.

Who She Could Have Been was a semi-finalist for Here We Go.


The Bully Problem original cast recording is in post-production.

Boléro was a finalist for the Student Academy Awards. It was also screened at Fantastic Fest and the SAG-AFTRA Foundation. Allie did voiceover work for the film.

• Allie's romantic comedy Do I Know You? had its world premiere at the IMPACT International Theatre Festival in Ontario, Canada. The site-specific Asphalt Jungle Shorts were produced by Flush Ink and directed by Paddy Gillard-Bentley and Robin Bennett.

• Allie's acclaimed play Two Girls was published in an anthology which had its official launch at Bluestockings in New York City. Pieces from the anthology were presented as readings. Two Girls was performed by Alinca Hamilton and Cassandra Nwokah.

Boxes Are Magic was a semi-finalist for Pick of the Vine 2020.


The Bully Problem had a sold-out run at the Hollywood Fringe Festival. Allie plays Margaret, a sweet and intellectual young scientist, in this critically-acclaimed new musical. Learn more!

My Big Fat Blonde Musical wrapped its first season. Allie has a recurring role as Allegra on this new comedy series.

• Allie booked a recurring role on the audio drama Rodriguez and Son. She plays Ms. Macy, a (mostly) by-the-book parole officer, in addition to other roles. The first three episodes were recorded in July.

Boléro was screened at the Telluride Film Festival and Holly Shorts. Allie did voiceover work for the film.

• Allie played Holly, a wide-eyed singer working at a radio station in 1947, in a special presentation of It's a Wonderful Life: The Radio Play at Muckenthaler Cultural Center in Fullerton.

• Allie played the lead in a concert reading of Pickpocket. In turn-of-the-century Manhattan, a pickpocket finds an opportunity to reform herself through her love of performing vaudeville.

Heterotopias, an interactive VR experience Allie narrated, was selected for SIGGRAPH. The immersive event was held at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Human Resources won Best Thriller at the Hollywood Blood Horror Festival, Best Mobile Short at the IndieX Film Fest, and Best Short Horror Film and Best Smartphone Film at the Los Angeles Motion Picture Festival. In the film, Allie plays an extremely self-assured nurse employed by a sadistic doctor at a horrifying hospital.

Faking Glory was nominated for the Bartell Theatre Awards for Best Script (Allie Costa) and Best Director (Betty Diamond).

• Check out Allie's article So You Wanna Be an Actor in LA?

• Allie narrated a passage adapted from This is Not a Test by Courtney Summers. Take a listen.

• Allie is the voice of the ominous narrator in the video game Aether Twins. Listen to a sneak peek.

The Generosity of Strangers by Thomas Antonaccio, narrated by Allie Costa, is available on iTunes, Amazon, and Audible.


View Allie's resume and headshots. Film/TV credits include 90210, You Me & Her, Unusual Suspects, Goldfish Love, Pizza With Aeneas, and What She Said. Theatre credits include Spring Awakening, Hamlet, Gypsy, Wake, and Alien vs. Musical.

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