Allie Costa

Allie Costa

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• Allie spent December on stage as Holly in the musical comedy Yo Ho Ho: A Pirate's Christmas at The NoHo Arts Center.

• Allie has been offered a role in The Boy Who Lived Forever, a play being staged at The Blank Theatre in January.

An Apology premiered in Hollywood. Allie plays Maggie, a sweet and inquisitive survivor, in this comedic film about the zombie apocalypse.

• The webseries Unintentionally Awesome premiered in December. Watch Allie as hyper Heather!


Allie spent November in rehearsal for two musicals, one zany comedy, the other a period drama.

• The film Nerd Wars had its world premiere in Hollywood.

• Allie appeared in a staged reading of the musical Limberlost for The Dramatists Guild.

The Beckoning of Lovely film was released.

Allie played Evy, a funky Punky Brewster type, in the webseries pilot Frendz.


• Allie played Punk Rock Riley in the series Edge of Normal (aka Downtown Six).

• Allie has been cast in the musical Limberlost.

What the Moon Saw ended its successful run on October 9th. Allie played the Matchgirl.


• Allie played the Matchgirl in the world premiere of What the Moon Saw, a gritty post-9/11 take on Hans Christian Andersen stories.

Goldfish Love had its first Hollywood screening in mid-September. Watch the trailer.

• You can also see Allie in the trailer for The Beckoning of Lovely, which comes out November 11th.

• New pictures from the sets of An Apology and Goldfish Love added to the Media page.


• Allie performed the lead role in the staged reading of The Vamp, a new play about the rise and fall of a silent movie star.

• Allie played the scrappy stepsister in the staged reading of Ashleigh, a new musical adaptation of Cinderella - about a fella!

• Allie is in rehearsal for the world premiere play What the Moon Saw, Hans Christian Andersen stories set post-9/11. Allie is the Matchgirl.

• With her original piece Annabel, Allie made the final cut at a monologue competition.

JULY 2011

Allie booked and shot the funny film An Apology. Allie played Maggie, a survivor of the zombie apocalypse.

• The webseries Unintentionally Awesome began filming. Allie is a series regular as Heather, an overeager freshman.

• Allie played Violet, a young waitress, in an episode of the webseries Arcanum.

• Allie has been cast as the Little Matchgirl in the new play What the Moon Saw.

Mother of the Year was screened at the LA Comedy Festival 365.

Danger Jane was screened at NYIFF Los Angeles.

JUNE 2011

• Allie played a precocious hospital patient named Lizzie in the world premiere of the play Out There.

• Allie has been cast as Heather in the comedic webseries Unintentionally Awesome. Production starts in July.

Allie played a rude shopgirl in Goldfish Love, a film about music, friendship, and a fish named Gandhi.

Allie filmed a funny co-star part on a new TV show. Lips sealed until it airs.

• Allie was the a-muse-ing Alexia in the short film I Won't Say I'm in Love.

MAY 2011

• Allie wrapped the film Nerd Wars. Her character, Natalie Grace, was named after Natalie Wood and Grace Kelly.

Gender Bias, a collection of four of Allie's original plays, had a great table read.

• Allie participated in two additional table reads in May, one for a musical, the other for a feature.

FUY2K, a hilarious film about an apocalypse party gone wrong, premiered in May. Allie plays Jenna, a feisty party crasher.


• Allie's episode of 90210, All About a Boy, debuted on February 7th. It reaired on March 21st. Click to watch it on Amazon.

The World of Holly Woodlands, a series in which Allie plays the title character's energetic personal assistant, premiered in April.

Allie worked on the TV pilot Second Chance Charlie.

Danger Jane won the award for best children's short film at the New York Independent Film Festival.

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