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Allie Costa

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• Allie played Tiny Tammy in Little Miss Scrooge at the Rubicon Theatre. Directed by the Tony and Olivier Award-winning director of Les Misérables with music by the composer of Jane Eyre and Daddy Long Legs, this new musical by John Caird, Sam Caird, and Paul Gordon combines the ghost story from A Christmas Carol with the love story from Great Expectations.


Can You Keep a Secret? was an official selection of PlayGround-LA and had a staged reading at Zephyr Theatre. The premise: In the not-too-distant future, peace of mind comes with a price. The story unfolds like an episode of The Twilight Zone or Black Mirror. Written by Allie Costa, directed by Sylvia Blush, featuring Julia Cho, Katie Rubin, and Bobak Bakhtiari.

Some lovely new reviews to share.

• Allie's monologue Coffee & Cocoa was presented at the Los Angeles Female Playwrights Initiative (LAFPI) event at Samuel French.

• Allie played multiple characters in a reading of a new play inspired by Edgar Lee Masters' Spoon River Anthology.


Failure to Communicate had its world premiere in Los Angeles. This workplace comedy was inspired by a true story of customer (dis)service. Allie wrote, directed, and acted in the show, which was part of Can You Hear Me Now?, a one-act festival about miscommunication in the digital age. Performances were followed by talkback sessions to connect the writers, actors, and audience.

Listening in the Library was an official selection of PlayGround-LA and had a staged reading at Zephyr Theatre. Logline: Stuck in the school library during a lockdown drill, two teenage girls at opposite ends of the social spectrum find some common ground. Written by Allie Costa, featuring Paris McCarthy as Tatiana, Julia Cho as Dot, and Carla Vega as the librarian.

• Allie booked and shot the film Really Big Sandwich, about a girl, her grandfather, and (you guessed it) one ginormous sandwich.

• Allie played Sarah in a reading of The Craft.

• Allie played Abby in a reading of Elizabeth Christopher's new musical.

• Allie participated in a reading of the new play The 3 Series.


• Allie played Regina George in a reading of Mean Girls.

• Allie played the not-so-nice leader of the pack in the film Wilderbeast.

• Allie played heartbroken Gayle in a reading of Almost, Maine.

• Allie played sassy Dorine in a reading of Tartuffe.

Goldfish Love was screened at the Broad Humor Film Festival, where it won Best Short (Director's Award). Goldfish Love was written and directed by Elin Gronblom. Check out Allie's demo reel to see clips from the film.


• Allie played Harriet in Mad Bomber, which won the 2012 Search for New Musicals. Written by Charles Monagan and Richard deRosa, the show is based on the true story of a man who terrorized New York in the 1950s. Part of the Stages New Musical Theatre Festival.

• The play's the thing. Allie played Guildenstern in Hamlet, produced by Murmur Theater and presented in the round. Read reviews.

• Bonnie Gillespie featured Allie's You Me & Her audition story in her column The Actors Voice: Your Turn.

• Allie played Arabella in Voices, a film about two sisters haunted by a family tragedy.

JULY 2013

• Allie just wrapped the funny film You Me & Her. She portrayed the 16-year-old version of the lead character, played by Shannon Woodward from Raising Hope. The movie was written and directed by Sarah Doyle, one of eight ladies selected for this year's AFI Directing Workshop for Women.

• Allie booked the role of Guildenstern in Murmur Theater's Hamlet. A portion of the show's proceeds will benefit the Adult Literacy Program at the Los Angeles Public Library. The show opens July 26th.

• Allie booked and filmed a role on the season finale of 3 Strikes, a series about a high school softball team.

• New production stills added to the media page.

JUNE 2013

Allie played the lead role of Darla in Before a Fall at the Hudson Theatre. Framed as a courtroom drama, this Southern Gothic tale about faith, family, and fear was likened to Winter's Bone, To Kill a Mockingbird, and Rectify. World premiere. Read reviews.

• Allie's original play Seven had its world premiere on June 8th at the Viaduct Theatre in Halifax, UK as part of Gi60.

Deferred Pay Receptionist was an official selection of WMMFest, which was also part of the Hollywood Fringe Festival. Fun fact: When given the chance to name her character, Allie picked the name Parker in honor of her favorite character on the TV show Leverage.

Goldfish Love was also an official selection of WMMFest. Allie plays the shopgirl in this award-winning comedy by Elin Gronblom. You can see clips of Goldfish Love in Allie's demo reel. You may also watch the opening scene at Film Annex.

• Allie recorded songs for the soundtrack of Invisible, a new musical from David Orris and David Hollingsworth. She originated the role of Madison when the show had its first staged reading in May.

• Allie filmed a musical episode of the Blue Beetle superhero webseries.

MAY 2013

Allie has been cast as Darla in Before a Fall, a new play billed as Justified meets To Kill a Mockingbird. The show opens June 9th at the Hudson Theatre as part of the Hollywood Fringe Festival. Opening night will benefit the organization RAINN.

• Combine The Invisible Man and Weird Science and you've got Invisible, a new musical by David Orris and David Hollingsworth. Allie played Madison in the staged reading, which was directed by Katy Sullivan and Robin Collins and held at the Academy for New Musical Theatre.

• Check out FAQ: Fantastic Actor Questions on VCN - Allie's question was answered by casting director Sharon Bialy.

• Allie was a guest on Funding Friday: Fringe Edition, alongside Michael Kass, Danielle Ozymandias, and Before a Fall writer/director Lily Mercer. Funding Friday is a webseries hosted by Cindy Marie Jenkins.

Goldfish Love and Bookstore were both screened at the International Family Film Festival. Goldfish Love won Best Student Comedy.

Goldfish Love was screened at the Newport Beach Film Festival.

APRIL 2013

• Allie reprised her roles as fast-talking Twitter and sweet Laura in #Brad4Laura for Got Musical! at The Colony Theatre.

• A piece of Allie's screenplay Convenience was read at the Los Angeles Female Playwrights Initiative (LAFPI) event at Samuel French.

• Loop-de-loop: Allie had a fun ADR session for the film Ordained.

• Allie played Miss Lowell in a reading of Light Up the Sky by Moss Hart.

• Allie has been cast in Invisible, a new 80s musical which will have a reading next month. Details to come.

MARCH 2013

Listen to Allie's musical theatre and animated VO demo here or on SoundCloud.

• Allie played Sabina in a reading of The Skin of Our Teeth by Thornton Wilder.

Underwing, a multimedia YA novel by Harlan Collins, is now available on iTunes. Allie sings the role of Sophie.

• Allie reprised her role as a fiesty turn-of-the-century girl in a staged reading of the musical Limberlost.

• Allie recorded demo tracks for a fun new musical comedy.


• Allie played Darla in a reading of the play Before a Fall. She has since been offered the role for the world premiere in June.

• The musical Fauntleroy had a sold-out run at The Santa Monica Playhouse. Allie played Mary/Dawson.

• Allie was Jessica in a reading of Sleepless in Seattle at Play Club West.

Goldfish Love was screened at the Providence Children's Film Festival.

• Allie played no-nonsense Parker in the funny film Deferred Pay Receptionist.

• Allie portrayed an energetic songwriter (fancy that!) in a reading of a new musical comedy.

• Allie was part of a musical workshop held by the Academy for New Musical Theatre and Deaf West.


• Allie played Harriet in a reading of Mad Bomber, which won the 2012 Search for New Musicals.

• Rehearsals are officially underway for the musical Fauntleroy, which opens in February.

• Allie played The Girl Whose Party It Is (say that 3 times fast) in a reading of Can't Hardly Wait at Play Club West.

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