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Allie Costa

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Two Girls had a successful Off-Broadway run. In this haunting and poetic duologue, two women emerge from a violent attack. Written by Allie Costa, directed by Karen Carpenter (Love, Loss, and What I Wore), starring Faith Taylor and Clara Tristan, produced by The #metoo Plays.

• Allie booked and filmed the role of Alice Flinder in The Ghosts of Stowell Hill, a new spooky series set in 1899, inspired by the music of Charles Ives.

• Allie played The Storyteller in an episode of Tales from the Darkening Wood, based on the fable The Cat and the King.

• Allie played a distressed news anchor in the futuristic film Bolero.

• The first page of The Last Good Night (written by Allie Costa, directed by Natalie Reiko) was presented at Samuel French during an afternoon of readings organized by the LAFPI. Allie also directed another work.

Quality Assurance had an encore performance on the Olde Tyme Radio Hour.


• Allie performed with the cast of Alien vs. Musical at Rockwell Table & Stage.

• Allie was interviewed in VoyageLA Magazine. Check it out!

How I Knew Her was presented at Rooted Theater Company's Fall Symposium in Brooklyn. When two strangers cross paths in a graveyard, they discover they are mourning the same person. Written by Allie Costa, directed by Kareem Nemley and Stephfon Guidry, featuring Alehia Renee and Tramane Harris.

Boxes Are Magic made its overseas debut at the Seoul Players 10-Minute Play Festival. This comedy about resilience, resistance, and the forces of nature featured Caitlin Harville as Cali and Milan-Devi LaBrey as Yasmine. Written by Allie Costa, directed by Jezreel Kang-Graham.

Quality Assurance was staged at Variations: Deception in San Diego. In this fast and funny story, a telemarketer doesn't seem to know what he's doing. Written by Allie Costa, directed by Justin Sun, featuring Sean Orellana and Sharan Singh.

Quality Assurance was performed in New Orleans by the Hercules Radio Players and featured on the Olde Tyme Radio Hour.


• Allie filmed an episode of the series My Big Fat Blonde Musical. She has a recurring role as a bubbly barista named Allegra.

You Me & Her is currently airing on TV and streaming online. When thirty versions of one person are zapped through the wormhole at the US Department of Parallel Resettlement, an unhappy girl named Anna (Shannon Woodward) finds out she is the worst possible version of herself, inspiring her to change her ways at the expense of destroying the universe. Allie plays the younger version of Anna in this award-winning comedic sci-fi film written and directed by Sarah Doyle.

• Allie booked and filmed Alex & Lexi, in which she provided the voice for a vicious virtual assistant who feels betrayed by her owner.

• Allie performed her original piece Phantom Pains at Samuel French's Monologue-a-Looza. Watch it now!


• Allie booked a recurring role in the new comedy series My Big Fat Blonde Musical. Filming begins next month.

• Allie was interviewed for Creative Conversations. Check it out!

• Allie played 'Aumakua in a staged reading of the new musical Outside the Lines.

• Allie booked a musical comedy series which starts filming next month.


• Allie recorded a number of tracks for Angels of the Southern Accents, a new musical about the life of Margaret Mitchell, the author of Gone with the Wind. Allie plays Margaret Mitchell.

• Allie filmed Ally 16 Almost 17, in which she plays the title character, a teenager trapped in a school shooting. This harrowing piece was filmed in real time as Ally calls her mother on the phone.

JULY 2018

• Allie wrapped the horror film Foraged, in which she plays Capucine, a ruthless leader with unwavering confidence.

• Allie booked and filmed the comedy I-Scream. She plays an overachiever named Amie.

• Allie played Kim, an opinionated protestor, in the comedic film The Elevator.

• Allie booked the title role in Ally 16 Almost 17. The movie films in August.

JUNE 2018

• Allie booked and filmed Human Resources, a creepy little thriller in the vein of The Twilight Zone and Black Mirror. In the film, she plays an extremely self-assured nurse employed by a sadistic doctor at a horrifying hospital.

• Allie is currently filming Foraged, a horror movie set in the woods. Her character is the cunning and ruthless leader of the pack.

Two Girls was produced in Toronto at the inspiraTO Theatre Festival. In this haunting and poetic duologue, two women emerge from a violent attack. Written by Allie Costa, directed by Julia Rowland, featuring Natalie Morgan and Amy O'Grady.

No News is Good News had its world premiere at Gi60 in Brooklyn. Written by Allie Costa, performed by Julie Orkis.

• Three of Allie's pieces - Starry-Eyed, Have You Seen Mitzi? and Hello, Sailor! - were selected for Gi60 #NextGen, also held in Brooklyn. It was the world premiere of Starry-Eyed and Hello, Sailor! and the East Coast premiere of Have You Seen Mitzi?

MAY 2018

• Allie booked and shot Lovely, a short mockumentary. Her character was akin to April Ludgate from Parks and Recreation.

• Allie booked a lead role in the film Foraged. Production begins next month.

• Allie's critically-acclaimed duologue Two Girls was named a finalist for The #metoo Plays and had a reading in New York City. The reading featured Anna Slate as Girl One and Jillian Stevens as Girl Two, directed by Toni Salisbury.

• Allie narrated a passage adapted from This is Not a Test by Courtney Summers for EMPWR. Take a listen!

• Allie shared the story behind Who She Could Have Been with EMPWR.

• Allie was selected to be a part of a photo essay. More information when the project is public.

Boxes Are Magic had a reading at Shetler Studios in New York City produced by Four Quarter Theater. The theme of the night: Resistance. Boxes Are Magic is a heartfelt comedy in which a woman must simultaneously contend with an unstoppable force and an immovable object. Written by Allie Costa, directed by Kirby Mason, featuring Shaun Cott as Yasmine and Sarah Hysjulien as Cali.

• Allie booked a supporting role in Human Resources, a thriller filming in June.

APRIL 2018

• Allie appeared in Hamilton's Cats, a hilarious mash-up of Broadway's beloved shows. The world premiere production was held at The Montalban Theatre in Hollywood. The all-star show benefitted Kitty Bungalow, a feral cat rescue organization.

• Allie performed in the 80s Cabaret in Hollywood, singing a stripped-down acoustic version of Take On Me. Check it out!

A Moment of Your Time was selected for Variations: The Future and was performed at The Stage Room in San Diego. Written by Allie Costa and directed by Christopher Hutchinson and Juri Ito, this zany comedy featured Maddie Garrett and Hailey Schneider.

MARCH 2018

• Allie performed at the Chance Theater with Erik Przytulski and company, singing selections from Alien vs. Musical, Thumbelina, and Princesses.

Two Girls was selected for She Speaks: #MeToo and performed in Paris and Ontario. The reading in Paris was directed by Camilla Bouchet. The reading in Canada was directed by Colleen Daley and featured Joanna Cleary and Tracey Kenyon. The festival was created by Flush Ink Productions. Two Girls was written by Allie Costa.

Who She Could Have Been had its West Coast premiere at the Fantastic.Z Festival in Seattle. Written by Allie Costa, Who She Could Have Been tells the story of a couple struggling to rebuild and reconnect after losing their child. The production featured Maddy Noonan as Simi and Emma Wilkinson as Reese, directed by Caitlin McCown.

Little Swan, a Pas de Deux had its West Coast premiere at the Hudson Theatre in Hollywood, featuring Ashley Hoffman as Anna Pavlova and Julia Sanford as Madame. Written by Allie Costa, directed by Andy McQuade, produced by 2Cents Theatre Group at INK Fest 2018. Little Swan was published in Best of PlayGround Los Angeles and is available for licensing and production.

This Provincial Life had a staged reading at Fantastic.Z B-Sides, held at 18th & Union in Seattle. This comedy about a couple considering their personal and political future was written by Allie Costa and directed by Marquicia Dominguez and Jessica Severance.

Best Actress 1962 had its world premiere at the 365 Women a Year Festival, produced by Rover Dramawerks in Texas. Oscar nominees Audrey Hepburn and Natalie Wood cross paths after the awards ceremony in Best Actress 1962, written by Allie Costa, directed by Libby Mitchell, starring Jennifer Leigh as Audrey Hepburn and Sam Aguilar as Natalie Wood.

• Allie was interviewed about Best Actress 1962 and her involvement with 365 Women a Year. Check it out!


• Allie reprised her role as Margaret, a sweet and intellectual young scientist, in The Bully Problem. The show was staged at The Wallis in partnership with the ASCAP Foundation Musical Theatre Workshop. Listen to the song Off Balance.

• Allie performed in the Songs of Passion Cabaret in Hollywood, singing Gravity by Sara Bareilles.

Two Girls was a finalist for the Heideman Award and the National Ten-Minute Play Festival.

• Allie debuted her original piece For the Love of a Llama at Samuel French's Monologue-a-Looza.

• Allie was a guest on an awesome new podcast. More details when it's available - Lips sealed until then!

• Allie recorded additional tracks for the Manzanar musical.

Don't Shoot the Messenger Pigeon was named a Rover Dramawerks finalist.


Boxes Are Magic was staged at the Zephyr Theatre in Hollywood alongside the other winning pieces of the Female Playwrights ONSTAGE Festival, curated by Little Black Dress INK. Written and directed by Allie Costa, this heartfelt comedy pits an unstoppable force against an immovable object. The reading featured Maiya Reaves as Yasmine and Allie Costa as Cali.

• Allie can be seen as Jill in Nilangana Banerjee's photo exhibition The Lullaby. Previously shown at the Schomburg Gallery in Santa Monica, the exhibition will be touring later this year.

• Allie is the voice of the ominous narrator in the video game Aether Twins. Listen to a sneak peek.

• Check out Allie's article How to Be Yourself While Pretending to Be Someone Else, which was published at Actors Access.

The Generosity of Strangers by Thomas Antonaccio, narrated by Allie Costa, is available on iTunes, Amazon, and Audible.

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