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You Me & Her was screened at Etheria Film Night in Boston. In this funny film, Anna (Shannon Woodward of Raising Hope) runs into alternate versions of herself. Allie plays the teen version of Anna; Tina Majorino (Veronica Mars) plays Anna's roommate. The movie was written and directed by Sarah Doyle. Watch the trailer.

• Allie booked the role of Beethoven's first student - and first love - in the film For Elise. The project, which involves both motion capture and voiceover work, began production in December.

The Generosity of Strangers by Thomas Antonaccio, narrated by Allie Costa, is available on iTunes, Amazon, and Audible.

Tofurkey Day, a comedy written by Allie Costa, was produced by two different theatres in December: Charles Stewart Howard Playhouse in Los Angeles as part of Hard Candy Christmas, and Greenhouse Theater Center in Chicago as part of Hobo Fest 7, where it was the runner-up for Audience Favorite. Tofurkey Day has also been staged in San Diego, the UK, and Florida, where it was named Best of the Fest, Audience Choice.

• Three of Allie's original plays, Don't Shoot the Messenger Pigeon, Safe Distance, and Two Can Play That Game, were selected for Variations XVI and performed at Price Center Theater in San Diego by the Nomads Theatre Company.

• The original cast of #Brad4Laura - Allie Costa, Shannon Martinous, Luke Klipp, and Kila Packett - reunited for another performance in Hollywood.

Safe Distance made the Final 10 Shortlist for West Avenue Theatre.


Femme Noir, written by Allie Costa, had its world premiere at the Miles Memorial Playhouse in Santa Monica. In the vein of classic noir such as Double Indemnity, the play follows a female private investigator hired by a notorious playboy to solve a murder in 1944. Femme Noir featured Maria Tomas, Darren Hayes, Sheila Daley, Phoebe Kuhlman, and Laura Michl, directed by Ricka Fisher, produced by Green Light Productions as part of GLO 2014. The run was completely sold out. For more information on all of the plays selected for GLO 2014, read the press release at BroadwayWorld.

• Allie's dark comedy Don't Shoot the Messenger Pigeon was selected for PlayGround-LA and had a staged reading at the Zephyr Theatre in Hollywood. The short play was directed by Ivan Rivas and featured Carla Vega and Tahmus Rounds.


You Me & Her was screened at the Rhode Island International Film Festival, which is a qualifying festival for the Short Film Academy Award.

• Allie was hired to narrate an audio book, the biography of a young woman who grew up in Italy during World War II.

You Me & Her was screened at the opening night of Cape Ann Film Festival in Maine.

• Allie performed in a reading of the musical Limberlost.

Safe Distance, Allie's spooky play set on the London Underground, had a reading in the UK produced by 17 Percent at Roundabout Nights.

• Allie's play Music of the Mind was selected for 100 Minutes of Insanity and had a reading at Play Club West in Hollywood.


• Allie appeared in the musical comedy Hi-Tech Hijack, which received lovely reviews and played to packed houses throughout its run in Hollywood.

Femme Noir, a one-act play written by Allie Costa, was selected for The Naked Expedition Project and had a staged reading at TheaterLab in New York City. The reading was directed by Tiffany Greene and featured Lila Donnolo, Alban Merdani, and Tangela Large.

• Allie's play She Walks, based on the life of Ada Lovelace, had a reading at She Writes at Roundabout Nights in the UK. Produced by 17 Percent, the event coincided with the Rochester Literature Festival. Ada, the daughter of poet Lord Byron, is considered the world's first computer programmer.

You Me & Her was screened at the Down Under Berlin Film Festival and the Temecula Valley International Film & Music Festival.

• Allie performed in readings of winning screenplays at the Broad Humor Film Festival.

• Allie participated in a reading of the musical Fentor.

Tofurkey Day had a reading at Drama West in Los Angeles.

Tofurkey Day had a reading in the UK at She Writes, produced by 17 Percent. Allie is the first international writer to be selected by the organization.


• Allie is currently appearing in Hi-Tech Hijack, a cycle of three musical comedies dealing with life in the digital age. She plays:
- Becca, a teen who holds an intervention for her technology-addicted parents, in iWish.
- Cindy, a girl trapped in a digital frame, in Photo Finish.
- Twitter (yes, Twitter!) and lovestruck Laura in #Brad4Laura.
All three shows feature Allie Costa, Luke Klipp, Shannon Martinous, and Kila Packett.

• Allie's comedy This Used to Be My Playground was selected for 100 Minutes of Genderless Plays and had a reading at Play Club West in Hollywood.

• Allie performed at the 4x10 Cabaret, produced by New Musicals Inc.

Femme Noir, Allie's play set in 1944 Los Angeles, has been named a GLO 2014 finalist.

When I Hear Peace was screened at Warner Brothers. In the film, Allie plays Diane, a girl trying to keep her family together. Watch the trailer.

• Allie completed 31 Plays in 31 Days.

• Allie played Mirela in a reading of the musical Solstice Ball.

• Allie was a guest performer at Kevin Yee and J. Elaine Marcos' hit cabaret in Los Angeles.

You Me & Her was screened at the Norwegian International Film Festival.

JULY 2014

• Allie gives voice to Hollywood's first "It" Girl in Starring Clara Bow. Listen to songs from the musical.

• Allie's comedic play Tofurkey Day was chosen as Best of the Fest at the Girl Play festival.

• Allie played Rhoda in a reading of The Bad Seed.

• Following successful screenings at the Directors Guild of America and AFI, You Me & Her had its world premiere July 12th at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood as part of Etheria Film Night, where it won the Audience Choice Award. Allie plays the teenage version of Anna (Shannon Woodward), who meets 30 alternate versions of herself. The movie was written and directed by Sarah Doyle, one of eight ladies selected for the AFI Directing Workshop for Women.

JUNE 2014

• Allie booked and shot The Hopes, a comedy pilot cast by Jory Weitz, who also cast Napoleon Dynamite.

• Allie booked and shot a heartbreaking episode of the new dramatic series Remain Calm.

Who She Could Have Been had its world premiere production in Toronto. Written by Allie Costa, the play follows a couple struggling to rebuild and reconnect after losing their child. It was produced by Black Rabbit Theatre and directed by Dan Thompson as part of the Themes of Grief series at The Box Toronto. Camila Diaz-Verela played Simi and Josh Clayton played Rhys.

• Allie's pieces Glitter and Smoke, Seven, and Do I Know You? were selected for Flashfest and performed at the Manhattan Theatre Club.

• Allie played Liza, a girl in awe of her drama teacher and in love with her best friend, in a reading of Mary Steelsmith's play Dancing With Ms. Liza.

• Allie reprised her role as Dawson in the musical Fauntleroy.

Tofurkey Day was selected for the Girl Play festival, produced by The Women's Theatre Project, and had a staged reading in Florida.

Two of Allie's short pieces, Any Last Words and Seven, were selected for the first-ever Gi60 ‪#‎NextGen‬ festival. Performances were held at the Tantrum Theatre in Brooklyn and at The New Workshop Theatre at Brooklyn College.

• Allie's monologue Anniversary was selected for Gi60 2014 and performed at the Viaduct Theatre, Dean Clough in Halifax, UK.

• Spies, lies, and alibis: Allie's comedy Breaking Cover was a semi-finalist in the Rover Dramawerks short play competition.

• Allie played Rose in a reading of the new musical Youth is the Time.

MAY 2014

• Allie played Sam, the precocious daughter of an agoraphobic mortician, in the West Coast premiere of Wake. This critically acclaimed play written by Carey Crim had a wonderful run at the Fremont Centre Theatre, produced by SeaGlass Theatre. Read reviews.

Little Swan, a Pas de Deux, written by Allie Costa, was one of six plays named Best of PlayGround-LA. The selected plays were published in the Best of PlayGround Los Angeles 2014 anthology and had staged readings at the Zephyr Theatre in Hollywood. Little Swan was directed by Peter J. Kuo and featured Betsy Reisz as Anna Pavlova, Kathy Bell Denton as Madame, and Patricia Fructuoso as Marguerite.

Altared State, a comedy written and directed by Allie Costa, had a reading at Drama West on May 17th.

Who She Could Have Been was a semi-finalist in Little Black Dress INK's Female Playwrights Project. It had a staged reading at the Sedona Arts Center in Arizona, directed by Shondra Jepperson, starring Michelle Lambeau and Thomas G. Davis. Discover the story behind the story.

For Valentina, a monologue written by Allie, was selected for The Apron Strings Project. Inspired by a vintage apron collection, the production benefited The Retreat, a domestic violence shelter. The show was performed at Vail-Leavitt Music Hall in Riverhead, New York.

• Allie performed in Got Musical at the Colony Theatre. The evening included excerpts from 15 brand-new musicals.

• Allie's play Can You Keep a Secret? was a semi-finalist in 10 by 10 in the Triangle, an international play festival.

• Allie performed songs from the new musicals Invisible and New York Society for the Suppression of Vice at 4x10's premiere concert.

Tofurkey Day, a comedy written by Allie Costa, was selected for Variations XV, produced by the Nomads Theatre Company in San Diego.

APRIL 2014

• Allie has been cast as Samantha (aka Sam) in the West Coast premiere of Wake, a dark comedy written by Carey Crim and produced by SeaGlass Theatre. The play will run at the Fremont Centre Theatre in Pasadena from April 26th until May 25th.

• Allie performed in a reading of Neil LaBute's Autobahn.

Beaten at Her Own Game, Allie's short comedy about video games and gender bias, was selected for Variations XIV-2, which was held at the 10th Avenue Theatre in San Diego and produced by the Nomads Theatre Company.

MARCH 2014

• Allie shot the film When I Hear Peace. She plays Diane, a teenager trying to keep her feuding family together.

Little Swan, a Pas de Deux, a new play inspired by the life of prima ballerina Anna Pavlova, had a reading at the Zephyr Theatre in Hollywood. Written by Allie Costa and directed by Jim Kleinmann, the play featured Miriam Canfield as Anna Pavlova, Kathy Bell Denton as Madame, and Sarah Guilbault as Marguerite. Little Swan was one of six plays selected to celebrate Women's History Month at PlayGround-LA.

• Allie has been invited to join the 4x10 musical theatre company.

Personal Space, a new workplace comedy written by Allie Costa, had a reading in Los Angeles, produced by Drama West.

• Allie played Dolly in a reading of You Never Can Tell by George Bernard Shaw.

• Read about Allie's first official stage role in MyStageStory.

• Allie played Kit in a reading of A League of Their Own.


• Allie performed in a staged reading of Broken at the Academy for New Musical Theatre.

• Allie played multiple characters in a reading of a new adaptation of Edgar Lee Masters' Spoon River Anthology.

• Need an audiobook narrator? Allie is officially registered on ACX.

• Allie played Claudio in a gender-flipped reading of Much Ado About Nothing.


Failure to Communicate, a comedy Allie wrote and directed, was named a Fresh Produce'd selection and presented at The Other Space Theatre.

• Allie played Mary Tilford in a reading of The Children's Hour by Lillian Hellman.

• Allie has joined the cast of Broken, a new musical which will have a reading next month in Los Angeles.

Listening in the Library was a quarter-finalist in the Lakeshore Players Theatre 10-Minute Play Festival.

Raising the Barre, another of Allie's original plays, was named a finalist for the Sticky Series in New York.

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